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The music I chose is You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift. Taylor is an American singer-songwriter whose songs come in many different styles. Each of her songs is like a little story, creating a picture in my mind when I listen to it.

This is country-pop music, with banjos and electric guitars. The song is adapted by Taylor Swift based on the experience of a friend. It tells the story of the girl‘s unrequited love for the boy. Finally, the boy leaves the girlfriend who doesn’t love him and gets together with the girl. The song opens with a banjo melody, followed by catchy lyrics from Taylor Swift. The lyrics “But she wears short skirts/I wear shirts” show how she sees the difference between herself and the man’s girlfriend. “If you could see that I’m the one/Who understands you/Been here all along/So, why can’t you see? /You belong with me. “It can show a girl’s unrequited feelings of insecurity. At 2:25, the melody of the electric guitar solo takes over, along with the drums.

I think the song is related to American popular music and the influence of this song is huge. The song has been played 1.3 billion times on youtube, and the story in this song can resonate with many people. It is a representative pop and country music in the United States, and it also adds the innovation of electric guitar on this basis.

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