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1.) The author believes that during the ballet premiere a riot broke out. He says that the reason behind the brawl was unclear. He has many theories of what could’ve started the brawl, one being that the audience did not like nor appreciate the modern twist to this ballet premiere and wanted the traditional one to remain the same. He also believes that the brawl could have started because of the audience. Some people in the audiences could have been liking the new ballet performance twist while some wanted the original.

2.)This author feels that during the ballet premiere the aristocrats were being extremely disrespectful which caused a chain reaction in the audience. He also feels that the music was too loud and full of rage and the premiere was more politics based. Some evidence he claimed of having was personal journals and records from people who attended the premiere.

3.)After watching this ballet piece, I feel that it is really packed with emotion and intense. I think it pushes the boundaries of ballet and is more of an intense version of it. If I was a part of the audience, I would be shocked at the intensity level, but I don’t think id react in a negative manner about the piece or overthink the meaning of it.

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