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The religion I chose to discuss is Islam. In Islam there is one sect of people called “Sufis”. The Sufis are famous for making “Islamic” influenced music called “Qawwalis” which are listened by people in all sects of Islam. “Qawwalis” are meant to increase one’s Islamic spirituality and get them closer to the religion and God through the Qawwali. The piece I chose to discuss today is a qawwali that my family and I grew up listening to which is “Tajdar-e-haram”. This qawwali is sung in Urdu. This qawwali expresses religious belief because its referring to the “king of our holy sanctuary” which would be God ultimately and saying to bless us and be merciful on us. The dynamics of this piece would be in between piano and mezzo piano, because the song was sung in a soft manner for the most part while it did get loud during some parts of the chorus. The tempo of this piece would be andante because it wasn’t too fast and too slow. The pace was like a steady beat and so I’d consider it andante.

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