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The Medieval period was commonly referred to as the “dark ages” or the “Middle Ages”. The medieval period took place between (450 to 1450). During the Medieval period Christianity was widely spread, and therefore most of the music was heavily influenced by churches, and the monasteries. Along with musical developments, the medieval period was known for having some technological upgrades such as the creation of the printing press. Different types of art were also a main aspect in the medieval period such as sculptures, stained glass, and mosaics. In the text, an aspect I found interesting was the way of life during the Middle Ages. To add on, life during the medieval times was very harsh, and people were broken up into categories such as peasants and the noblemen. I listened to a music piece by Francesco Landini, and the music was how I expected it to sound. The music sounded very church like and seems like it’s something that would be sung in church. I expected this outcome because monasteries and churches had a major influence during the medieval period.

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Mosaic art
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Francesco Landini

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  1. Hi Fiza, I agree with the point you had brought up regarding “music was heavily influenced by churches, and the monasteries.” This due to many of the chants that were being produce and created during that time and even previously would be passed down from generations through “oral traditions”. I found this interesting because since the churches were strict when it came to different aspects they were able to preserve many of the music they created from so long ago till now.

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