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The Medieval time period also known as the “Middle Ages” took place from 450 to 1450. This period in history was heavily influenced by religion. Christianity began to spread wildly during the Medieval period and the music at this time could be considered similar to chants and songs that were sung in religious places. Something that I found interesting was stated in packet #1 “The chants sung in the services, some of them of ancient origin, were passed on through oral tradition, undoubtedly undergoing changes in the process”. The Christians had difficulty passing down the passed traditions and because of this problem, they would later create the basis of staff lines and spaces which is something we still use today. It is considered one of the greatest achievements in human history. I listened to a song by Guillaume Dufay who was a major figure in this period “https://youtu.be/6mcxEtyEUw4”. The song sounded very majestic and echoed through my headphones. I was very surprised as it truly felt like I was listening to someone singing in a church.

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  1. I would like to add on to your statement and say that the growth of Christianity lead to the introduction of secular music (music that is intended for a non-religious audience). For a large portion of the Middle Ages, art had a religious function. Latin-language vocal music had liturgical lyrics, and liturgical dramas predominated in the theater. However, secular lyrics—often referring to courtly love—became more prevalent in music. As music began to branch out from the churches, it became something that many appreciated outside of religion.

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