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The Classical Period of music, also known as the enlightenment period was one of the most ground breaking revitalizations of music as a whole. This historical period is extremely interesting to me due to the fact that I actually listen to some classical songs while I workout. It is really beautiful in the fact of how these composers strive for beauty and art in all their compositions. The aesthetics of classical music is so intriguing as it shows emotional restraint yet catharsis in many composers works. What I knew about this era of music prior to reading about it is that many of the twentieth century and romantic era artists use some of the ideas of the composers from the classical period. For example, pianos and refined music is extremely prominent in modern day music and we use some of the ideas behind instrument usage in our modern day. The music is described as clear, proportional and refined.

The figure I picked is Ludwig van Beethoven. His music is very influential as almost everybody knows of his work. Für Elise is one of his biggest compositions and it sounds just like I would expect classical music to sound, very much so composed yet with no lyrics can produce emotion. It sounds like what I expected because the word “classical” gives this sense of sophistication. So I believe that the sound is very much in line with being sophisticated.

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