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Eve is a Japanese singer and songwriter, as well as a Vocaloid producer. He was born on May 23rd, 1995. The genre of his songs is considered j-pop rock, and his music has been featured in animes such as Jujutsu Kaisen. Eve was introduced to me by my friends back in high school, and ever since then, his songs have been a part of my everyday life, such as commuting to and from school. “Snow” was one of the first songs by Eve that I’ve heard, and it is also one of my favorites as the animation and lyrics of the song are really beautiful.

One musical element present in “Snow” is rhythm. In terms of melody, the overall song had a conjunct melodic motion, where the distance between pitches was fairly short, and there seemed to be 4 beats grouped together per measure. The tempo of the music was also quick throughout the song, and you could clearly hear 4 beats of the drum at the beginning of the song. Another musical element present in this song is texture. There was homophonic texture throughout the song, as there were multiple different instruments and chords that accompanied the single melodic line that dominated. Instruments such as the guitar and percussion are heard, and they overlapped, with the drums setting the beat and the guitar blending in with the melody to harmonize.

A musically interesting moment in the song is the chorus, starting at times 1:03 and 3:21. It was interesting because this part of the song felt like the climax, with everything building up and then releasing. The beats would slow down right before the chorus, and then become quick again, like a roller coaster, which I personally enjoyed.

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