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  1. The article “100 years ago today, ‘The Rite of Spring’ incited a riot in a Paris theater” speaks upon an event that took place on May 29th 1913. During the debut performance of The Rite of Spring composed by Igor Stravinsky, there was an altercation within the crowd. The author states how the details of the event are scarce and hazy. Many things surrounding this event are left unanswered and leaves us with more questions. However, the author believes that there was actually a riot at this theater in Paris. The author of the article believes that due to the controversial dance moves and sounds of the performance, a verbal dispute occurred which would later turn physical. The show was pure chaos and the ballerinas were unable to hear the commands due to all the commotion. Angry fans would be fighting with each other and launch objects such as vegetables at the performers . What is clear here is that the author believes that this “Riot” was real an actually took place in history.
  2. In the article “Did Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring incite a riot at its premiere?” the author talks about the same event of the premiere of “The Rite of Spring. The author states how there were accounts and rumors of there being a riot, verbal and physical fights at this event. However, the author of the article does not think this is what happens. They believe that the people in the audience might have started laughing at the show, and others seeing them laughing would be seen as disrespectful. There were verbal altercations between fans based on their reactions and this was all taken account for in the personal journals and recorded reviews. The author states that there was no physical fights much less a riot. The author believes that there was no riot at all and that “it would not make sense for well cultured people to go into a mob after something so refined as ballet.” So it is clear to see, that the author of this article does not believe that there was a riot in this event.
  3. When I first heard/watched this performance, I felt like I was watching something I had never seen before. The performance was very intense and I enjoyed watching the dancers energetic movements. The music or sound of the show reminded me of soundtracks I would hear in horror films. If I was to be in the audience in 1913, I think I would’ve reacted differently. I might’ve felt scared or I would’ve just not liked the performance at all. At that time period, I can see how this performance could make others angry. The presentation was probably unexpected to most people and they might not like the way dances and music was presented.

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