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In the first article the author believes that on the night of the premiere of “the rite of spring” a riot took place in the theatre. Because of the unnatural choreography and music, the audience of the theater showed clear hate shouting and throwing objects onto the stage. Some reports say that the police were called, and that people were kicked out of the theater. In the second article the author argues about what happened at the premiere. Many of the first-hand accounts came from people sitting on the balcony who might have been overwhelmed by the music projected to them. The dancers’ stomping movements were inspired by dances in Siberia, these exotic dancers were translated into humor of the European dance halls which caused people to laugh. There were no accounts of physical violence only verbal assault against the people laughing. Because of the dynamics between upper and middle class and various cultural backgrounds, things got a little heated. The play had five encores at the end of the night. Many of the rumors had started because of miscommunication. I believe if I was there the night of the premiere, I’d be a little confused but would have enjoyed the uniqueness of the music and choreography. 

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June 2024

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