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One of the song I choose is “The Wind Rise (起风了).” The two singer that had performed the song is JJ Lin and Zhou Shen. They are awesome singers and put many emotion inside their songs. The lyrics of the song is about the youth relationship and the unknown, in order to prove what we have to and are eager to go out and explore, however much beauty will be hidden with the tempering of the outside world. Its not until the moment when we return to our hometown that we know that all the beauty is still there. And that the decision to leave for the future is still there. And that there is no regrets since I had left for half of my life but I end up coming back in high spirits.

The timbre of this music is very special. It stated off very soft and low, as it go on the stronger it goes. JJ Lin lay special emphasis on “我曾难自拔于世界主之大 I dreamed to enter a fanciful gate then encounter my dear soulmate” This part of the lyric that JJ sang had put a stronger tempo throughout his song. Which on the other hand Zhou Shen had a special emphasis on “也甘愿赴汤蹈火去走它一遍 without any fear of going down in flame now I have taste it all. The difference of the song is the tone and how they are singing it, but other then that, the whole song is almost the same.

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