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We all know who michael jackson is, but we may not know that he stemmed from the Jackson 5 before reaching his popular stardom we know him for as today. When Michael Jackson was a child, he performed “ABC” alongside the Jackson 5 in 1970 by being the lead singer and introduced this song on live television. Another performance by the same song comes from a show named “Glee” on netflix. This show is about how a new musical group in high school rose to fame by performing various famously known songs, “ABC” by The Jackson 5 being one of them. They performed “ABC” by The Jackson 5 because it is a known song so they use that to their advantage against their competitors. 

In the song, the song represents how love between one another can be calm and easy, referencing it as easy as spelling ABC or 123. Throughout the song, we have an upbeat, happy song, but we can feel the romance sprinkled into the song. First performed in 1970, we hear many key differences in the song to other performances today besides quality improvement over 40 years. Throughout the decades, the tempo of the song has remained the same, steady and upbeat. Glee’s performance of “ABC” has many similarities to the original version, from the scale to even how they form the song using the Verse-Chorus form. However, Glees performance had many more performers and so everyone sang a small part of the song, there was no main singer as for they all were singing along the lyrics together. Also, Glee performed the song in front of an audience full of people plus their competition, therefore they had to make the song get people jumping up with their choreography performance, which the Jackson 5 did not originally do. Also, in 1970, the Jackson 5 was introducing their song to the world, so they wanted to make it sound as appealing as it could be. The circumstances of the performance made the song different to which era it was heard in.

“ABC” by Jackson 5, performed by Glee.
“ABC” written and performed by The Jackson 5.

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