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In the article “100 years ago today ‘ The Rite of Spring’ incited a riot in Paris theater” the author believes that it began with a bassoon and ended in a brawl. The author believes that during the performance things got so out of hand that people had to be evicted from the audience. Some believe that it could’ve been staged as a stunt to gain attention and some believe that the actual incident was over exaggerated. This incident brought fame to Stravinsky even though it had a lot of negative feedback during its debut. People now celebrate it’s anniversary and instead of attending the performance with hostility they attend it with the means to celebrate it. 

In the second article “ Did Stravisky’s The Rite of Spring incite a riot at its premiere?” talks about how the premiere was expected to be a major cultural event given the talent involved. Instead the audience were given ugly costumes with heavy choreography and harsh music. The audience did not take well to this surprise and booed as well as jeered at the performers. Others defended the artists creating fights all around to make it so that the actual performance was barely heard. Though this is not what the author believed to have actually happened. He points out that people who described their experience mainly came from the seating at the balcony. He believes that the already harsh sounds created at the performance were enhanced even more for people seated at the balcony making it seem worse than it actually was. The dance the performers did were not some that most of the people form the audience were used to seeing. They viewed it as insulting and did not take well to some of the parts that were meant to be seen as humorous. Despite all this, according to people who actually attended the performance, there were no fights or riots. Making it so that people who claimed there were liars.

Unlike the audience I had a little background information on what to expect when first watching the ballet so I wouldn’t say that I was surprised like they were. From my perspective it seems that the performers are displaying the people in a very stereotypical way. I don’t enjoy how they are made to be seen as primitive. If I were to watch this without anyone telling me what it was about, My first thought would never be that it was a ballet. I can see why the audience was surprised. Going to a ballet expecting to see a traditional ballet performance than seeing this would be quite shocking. I think I would be disappointed and angered.

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