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The song “Come Together” was originally by The Beatles in 1969 as an opening song in the Abby Road album. John Lennon originally wrote it as Timothy Leary’s campaign song to run for governor of California. Although the campaign failed the group still decided to use the song. This ran The Beatles into legal trouble against Leary who was upset that they were using his campaign song, as we know the Beatles won and kept the song. The lyrics of the song can seem nonsensical due to the slang used in the song. The song describes each member of the band about what they are like and what they enjoy. In 1978 the group Aerosmith did a rock cover of the song, with it becoming an extremely popular cover of the original song. Both songs are similar with each keeping the same melody and lyrics. The tempo keeps an easy pace, with a homophonic texture to the song. At (2:00) in the original version it goes into an instrumental section. In the cover, Aerosmith uses more electric guitar and drums. The lyrics are sung harsher and there is more energy. Even with the slight differences the song still holds the same energy and meaning, It’s just in a different kind of voice. 

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