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Something that I found really interesting about Romantic era is that composers found inspiration through nature, poetry, paintings, etc,. “The romantics of the 19th century sought inspiration in nature (poetry of Wordsworth, paintings of constable and turner)” (”Music: a social experience, chapter one, page 29). I think if composers from the Romantic era were alive they would found a lot of inspiration in museums like the MET, because there is so much paintings and nature that someone could easily get inspired. Something that I knew from era is that it originated in Europe and slowly began to expand around the world. The textbook describes it as something sad or a love tragedy, I think that romantic music was a way for composers to express what they were feeling.

Composers of the romantic era had a lot advantage by using many instruments from the past to compose their songs as well as poetry. One Major figure in music that I choose from the Romantic era is Frederic Chopin. Chopin’s music does sound how the textbook explains it because it sounds sad Chopin emphasizes romantic music with just the melody of the piano, and doesn’t need to add lyrics for you to understand what the melody is trying to convey. I also think that he can be explaining a romance tragedy with his music but we have different opinions on how to emphasize his music.

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