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One song that I considered a “good” song is “Young and Beautiful” by Lana del Rey. This song was used in the main sound track of the movie The Great Gatsby. Mostly the tracks of the movie are jazz combined with pop however the producers of the movie wanted Lana to do something outstanding. This song is categorized as alternative pop, this song is in B minor. This song is in strophic form which means that different verses are sung thought the song however the melody doesn’t change. This song also has a soft piano to create a minimalistic effect, and also in the music video we can see how a synthesized orchestra of strings is used that accompanies Lana’s sweet voice.

I think that one of the units that this song would make a great fit is in Unit 6: Song because there is something about this song that makes it unique form the others. Something that can be discussed about this song is how a synthesized orchestra of strings is used in order to make the song outstanding. Another thing that can be discussed is what the song is trying to convey for example the emotions of the song, the time period the song took place and what story is trying to portray.

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