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The religion I am choosing to talk about is Catholicism. This is a religion that I am familiar with, having gone to many masses at a Catholic church and receiving sacraments. Music is used in this religion. Like what we looked at in class the other day, Catholic churches would use chants. First, was the Gregorian chant which was the first notated piece of music. In these chants, there is no steady meter and other scales were used, not just major and minor. There are many different forms of chants, but they, “each [use] the human voice to sound a sacred text on an occasion of great solemnity,” (394). Music is played during masses at the church, during funerals, and during weddings at the church. A piece of music associated with my religion is “Ave Maria.” Today, this is a song used in Catholicism and in prayer at many funerals, especially in the United States. Musically speaking, it has a more complex chord in comparison with other songs and is written in B major. It has a polyphonic texture and starts in a duple meter but then shifts to a triple meter, but ends up back in a duple meter. Just like the purpose of the chants, this song is meant to give a sense of peace. It expresses the religious idea of being at peace after death. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpYGgtrMTYs

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