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In a Catholic Church Gregorian chant is performed, it’s polyphonic but has elements of modern music. However, the range of music in Catholicism is extremely large. They believe that music and songs should encourage participation in the liturgical assembly. It’s also meant to cause feelings of “joy, rapture, loss, fear, longing, hope, humility, serenity, connection to God, connection to others, gravity, and solemnity”, as stated in https://www.catholicsandcultures.org/practices-values/music .

“Amazing Grace” is a song that both Christians and Catholics use. This piece expresses religious belief through its lyrics. For instance, “The Lord has promised good to me/ His word my hope secures/ He will my shield and portion be/ As long as life endures.” This song is meant to reiterate how Catholics believe that the Lord will protect them and they believe that there is hope and good because of him and his words. This song has moments of Melismatic and Syllabic singing. This song has no musical instruments. It’s acapella because there’s one main voice and then certain moments where there’s a group humming or singing along in the background.

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  1. this is interesting. I am not a christian, but I know much about christianity. I love when the choirs recite/sing songs like this because it’s very relaxing. this is also similar to my blog about muslim call to Adhan. there is no use of instrument. is just pure one single voice.

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