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A live music performance that I attended recently was from an artist called Glaive. I went with a friend and we were both fans of Glaive as well as other artists who were going to perform that night. Glaive is an artist mostly known for being in the Hyperpop genre of music. To explain what Hyperpop is, I’d say it’s similar to pop music but more fast paced and with different sounding electric sounds as beats. The concert took place in Webster Hall which is located near Washington Square Park in Manhattan. It was a pretty small venue but I recall it being filled with people. A couple days later I looked up how many people attended the concert and found out that more than 1,000 attended. This took me by surprise as I didn’t think that many people could fit in that concert hall. Everyone in the crowd was standing and the stage was really close to the audience. We could hear the music very loud and it sounded amazing.

Hearing Glaive perform live was very memorable for me. He was my favorite artist at the time and I had been listening to his music for a while. As soon as I saw that he had a show in New York, I told my friend about it and we bought the tickets as soon as we could. His performance did not disappoint. He hyped everyone in the crowd and gave us a really good show. All the people there were shouting the lyrics to his songs and jumping to the music. This reminded me of the Coachella performance by Khalid. The fans were singing the lyrics to his songs and he interacted with the crowd as well. I think in order for an artist to have a successful concert, they need to include the audience with their performance.

-Imagine From Glaive’s YouTube Channel

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