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Cerullo blog 6

Last winter I saw Morgan Wallen perform a concert at Madison Square Garden. Morgan Wallen is a country singer and this concert happened to be the first performance out of his whole tour. Me and my best friends love listening to country music and Morgan Wallen is my friend’s favorite artist. Her mom got the three of us pit tickets as an early graduation gift so we can see him live. Mostly everybody in the audience had on either a cowboy hat, blue jeans, or some boots. Most adults were drinking beer. Everybody chanted USA and sang along to every song. I expected all of this to be occurring during a country concert. I have been to many, and it is always the same thing. Country concerts are mainly filled with good people who love our country and are down for a good time.  In unit seven, we watched Claudio Monteverdi, “You are dead”fromOrfeo(1607). A performance like this is very different from the Morgan Wallen concert. In this opera, they had costumes compared to the concert I attended they wore jeans and a t-shirt. The audience did not sing along to this song like we did at the country concert. The music is completely opposite from each other, and the performances are nothing alike! 

Caba Blog 6

Recently, Steve Lacy did his “Give You the World” tour. Many people were excited but to their dismay, it went south very quickly. With the tickets being SUPER expensive as well as almost immediately being sold out within the first 30 minutes to one hour, fans thought they were going to get the performance of a lifetime. That couldn’t have been farther from the truth.

With every seat and floor being filled with people, there wasn’t much room for anybody to move. The crowd started to get very annoying and the focus towards the show quickly turned to talk amongst themselves. This irritated Lacy especially since this is his music that he wants his fans to appreciate. Not only that but it’s basically a waste of his time. Since I never went to a concert, I just expected it to be fans singing along with the artist and once they finish performing, they receive a round of applause and exit the stage. But, in one of the performances, the crowd was singing one of Lacy’s most popular choruses and only managed to sing that small section of the entire song. This further upset him because he was expecting to have an audience that completely knew the lyrics to his songs. But there was one more thing that Steve Lacy did that shocked me. While he was performing, fans kept tossing their phones on stage so Lacy could record on them. Already at his limit with his aggravating fans, he decided to take one of their phones and throw it as hard as he could on the stage, resulting in the phone splitting into multiple pieces. He then proceeded to walk off stage and end the show for the night.

This did NOT match my expectations whatsoever. Even if the performers didn’t talk to the audience, compared to the concerts that were reviewed in Unit 7, I was expecting to see a much calmer/happier environment especially since most concerts nowadays have the artist interacting with their listeners frequently. For example, in the “You Are Dead” concert, there wasn’t anyone talking to each other or people singing along with the stage. There were just the performers doing their job with an audience that came to appreciate and soak up the music they came for. Not phones being destroyed on stage with the performers leaving the stage and ending the entire show.  

Sunny blog #6

The artist here is Doja cat who has had a pretty successful launch in her career because of the hot pink album. This song is from her recent album, planet her, where she performed the song “Women” from the ACL music festival. According to Wikipedia the song is a “fusion of pop, R&B, and reggae.” I haven’t personally been to this concert but from the video, the performer had a lot on stage with her such as dancers, musicians, set designs and a few other things. The audience is having a good time, where they are singing along loudly, recording the song, standing and/ or are getting carried to view the concert. Due to the genre of this, I’m not surprised of how either performer or audience are acting as to them it may be typical to act like this at these types of concerts. Compared to the concerts we viewed in unit 7, the opera ones were not as loud, had a different timbre and tone to the music. The instruments being used in them were also different as the opera ones had more classical and/ or traditional instruments. While this used more modern sounding instruments. The music also felt like it had more emotions which is potentially due to the heartbreak most of them go through. 

Lam Blog 6

Jacques Bermon Webster ll, also known as Travis Scott is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. He holds concerts in outdoor fields. I decided to watch this concert because I heard it all over social media when it happened. He held this concert November 5th, 2021, it resulted in the death of 19 people who attended. This specific concert was held outside. He was dressed casually and created a very loud and aggressive setting with his special effects, flamethrowers being one of them. This tragedy of a concert was way too overcrowded at the time and the crowd “began to compress toward the front of the stage.” The crowding began with people being unaware of the push and when they finally realized they all collectively attempted to run to safety. By the time Travis realized it was too late and many people were already injured/dead. The concert ended up ending earlier than planned, obviously for public safety reasons. I’d like to compare this concert to Beethoven’s. Both concerts were not very appealing for the audience, Travis’s a lot more than Beethoven. Both were because the performer itself was unaware of the setting that they were putting their audience in.

Almachi Blog 6

A live music performance that I attended recently was from an artist called Glaive. I went with a friend and we were both fans of Glaive as well as other artists who were going to perform that night. Glaive is an artist mostly known for being in the Hyperpop genre of music. To explain what Hyperpop is, I’d say it’s similar to pop music but more fast paced and with different sounding electric sounds as beats. The concert took place in Webster Hall which is located near Washington Square Park in Manhattan. It was a pretty small venue but I recall it being filled with people. A couple days later I looked up how many people attended the concert and found out that more than 1,000 attended. This took me by surprise as I didn’t think that many people could fit in that concert hall. Everyone in the crowd was standing and the stage was really close to the audience. We could hear the music very loud and it sounded amazing.

Hearing Glaive perform live was very memorable for me. He was my favorite artist at the time and I had been listening to his music for a while. As soon as I saw that he had a show in New York, I told my friend about it and we bought the tickets as soon as we could. His performance did not disappoint. He hyped everyone in the crowd and gave us a really good show. All the people there were shouting the lyrics to his songs and jumping to the music. This reminded me of the Coachella performance by Khalid. The fans were singing the lyrics to his songs and he interacted with the crowd as well. I think in order for an artist to have a successful concert, they need to include the audience with their performance.

-Imagine From Glaive’s YouTube Channel

Blog 6 Sun

The virtual concert I watched was “Yet to Come in Busan” performed by the South Korean boy band group, BTS. The genre of music they performed was kpop, and the concert took place at Asiad Stadium in Busan, South Korea. I chose to watch this concert because BTS is one of my favorite kpop groups, and I have always wanted to attend a BTS concert. During the concert, there was a lot of engagement between the performers and the audience. There would be moments during the concert where BTS members are just speaking to the fanbase, ARMY, and when members are singing songs, they will purposely not sing a line, because ARMY would sing along with them. BTS members were all very chill, and fans will also sing along and cheer. Overall, everyone at the concert was just enjoying themselves with no pressure. The dress style was also very casual, where everyone was able to express themselves through their own unique style. The concert matched my expectations, as I mostly vibed along with the performances while watching the recording.

In Unit 7, we mentioned “The Magic Flute,” which is a Singspiel, a German-language comic opera. When compared to this BTS concert, there are very noticeable differences, but also some similarities. The similarity is that both performances included singing, and the performers on stage would interact with one another. The differences are that the performers in the opera wore specific costumes for the character they played, while in the BTS concert, the members would wear casual styled clothing, and would also change their clothes to match the theme of the songs (ex: darker colors for more rough, edgy styles, and lighter colors for more cheerful, upbeat songs). Other differences are that there was no interaction or talking with the audience in the opera, while in the BTS concert, there was a lot interaction with the audience. The performers in the opera also had to follow a script, while BTS members were free to perform their songs in any way they wanted.

BTS: “Yet to Come in Busan” concert

Markakis Blog 6

I attended a BTS concert in May 2019. BTS is a K-POP group that performed music in a few different genres such as hip hop, pop, R&B, etc. The concert was held at Met Life Stadium. The performers changed outfits throughout the concert to fit the music set. They danced and interacted with the crowd energetically. Fans had “Army Bombs” which are light sticks created specifically for BTS. At one point of the concert close to the end, BTS told the fans to make a wave which they directed. They also took a selfie on stage with all the fans in the background. Throughout the concert, fans cheered loudly and sang along to the lyrics. They even yelled a fan chant at certain points in some songs. What surprised me the most was people loudly singing along to the music videos before the concert itself started. However, I expected fans to do the fan chants. This concert reminded me of the Khalid concert we looked at in class because of the way the fans interacted with the performer and the dancers.

Zhuoyao Blog#6

I had never seen a concert before I started this project, and I chose Taylor Swift’s Concert after doing some searching. After watching the concert, I was hooked. The concert that I chose was “Taylor Swift ‘s reputation Stadium Tour 2018”. Taylor is an American singer-songwriter whose songs come in many different styles. Each of her songs is like a little story that creates a picture in my mind as I listen to it. The concert took place in the stadium. Reflecting themes of Reputation, the concept of the Reputation Stadium Tour incorporated Goth subculture, Broadway theatricality, and snake motifs.

I like the song in the concert called “Style/Love Story/You Belong With Me”.She mashup the three songs very smoothly and harmoniously. She switched songs before I knew it, and the smoothness was amazing. At the beginning of each of these songs, the audience will cheer and shout. In the middle, the band comes out and Taylor says to the audience: “Dallas, will you please make some noise for my incredible bank?” Then the audience cheers. Taylor’s words and songs lifted the mood of the audience. The audience danced and waved their hands, singing along with Taylor.

I was surprised by the design of this concert because the songs have so many styles, and the stage changes depending on the song style, after “Style/Love Story/You Belong With Me“ and a moment of darkness, Taylor changed clothes and brought the crowd to their peak again with “Look What You Made Me Do.”Completely different styles was shock me. It was a perfect concert.

Compared with the“First movement of Symphony No. 5, composed by Ludwig van Beethoven, Performed by the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, conducted by Daniel Barenboim” There is a big difference between them. Taylor’s concerts focus on the songs and interaction with the audience. Taylor will channel the audience’s mood and immerse them in the atmosphere of the concert. Beethoven’s concerts are focused on the performance of the music, the audience will not hum along with the music, very quiet to listen to the orchestra. The audience clapped only at the beginning and the end.

Marcial Blog Post 6

A concert I watched on youtube was called Rolling Loud. The performer I watched is named Asap Rocky. Asap Rocky is a Hip-Hop artist from Harlem, New York. When Rocky performs at night, he is usually the main event of the whole concert. The atmosphere of the whole concert has a big crowd. Usually Rocky likes to get the crowd hyped and everyone jumping to his music and sometimes create mosh pits. The stage has red colorful lights, a Dj, stage smoke, and a Crash dummy prop. Asap Rocky is dressed with fancy clothes while singing out loud to his fans. Everything met the expectations of what his concerts would be like. He likes when it when he gives off an aggressive energy to the crowd; almost like a Rockstar.

Ibrahim Kuku blog 6

recently, I went to Davido concert. Davido is an African music artist who genre in afropop, pop, and acrobat. the concert venue was prospect park in Brooklyn, and it was an outdoor concert with a temporary stage develop just for the artist to perform and entertain the present audience. I decided to attend this concert because my high school year was coming to an end, and I need some fun outing before starting college. and also my brother paid for the tickets which gave me access to the concert.

the concert was very fun in many ways. first the concert include a system of call and response where Davido and his group shut down the mic and other instruments while the audience complete the lyrics to the song. on other ways too, Davido was showing different movements. he doesn’t just stand still and perform. he was jumping, switch between walking and jogging, and dancing. I was suprise that he also uses other instrument that wasn’t included in the songs he sang. also he brought up other artist too.

comparing Davido concert to jimi hendrix concert, the two concert was outdoor, but Jimi concert has more people and looks more coathic than Davido concert.

Blog 6 Pappalardi

The one and only concert I have ever been to was a Queen tribute band called Almost Queen a few years back. They performed Queen songs with are in the genre of rock. The concert took place in an inside concert theater. The stage was placed in the middle with seating all around. The concert was a surprise for me and my cousins that were visiting from Tennessee near the end of the summer. The performers dressed just like the original Queen band did in the 80’s. The audience and I dressed casually, some in Queen shirts. The performers would sometimes interact with the audience, with both sides singing lyrics back and forth. The reformers would move around the stage especially the one who resembled Freddie who danced and moved around the stage the most. The audience would whoop and cheer and sing along through the entire performance, which is exactly what I expected because I did the exact same thing. This performance was very similar to the one we saw in class with Khalid said. Everyone was singing, dancing along, swaying to the music, and having their phones out to take pictures and video. Both performances showed life and excitement. 

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