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The historical period I read on was the Baroque period. What I have found interesting during the Baroque period is how there was a lot of historical events going on at that time. In the text it says that more colonies was being established in the new world (America), there were religious conflicts between the Catholics and Protestants, there was a lot of violence going on in England, and the powers of the absolute monarch in France reached a new height where the citizens had to pay heavy taxes to Louis IV and 20,000 courtiers. What I already know about this period is that there was also a lot of art and architecture to express their emotion. The text describes the music from the Baroque period by saying, how there was a rise instrumental music (like sonata, concerto, and suite) and how composers used their instruments for specific emotional states. I listened to music from the Baroque era, and it sounded like what I expected from the text. In the text it says that there is dramatic intensities based on whether a certain part of the song is loud or soft, and the emotional feeling of the music is either happy ,joyful, anger, love or grief.

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