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The most interesting thing about the Romantic period is that its music is focused a lot on emotion over reason and more on individuality. It was during this time that a lot of musicians used music as a way of letting out their intense emotions. I already knew that there was more emotional intensity and rule-breaking during the romantic period. The textbook says that the Romantic period was a time when music emphasized intense emotion over reason, “freedom and spontaneity over order and control, individual over universal experience.” Also that many artists demonstrated their unhappy love relationships, etc through their art. During this time they also increased the number of performers and instruments in the orchestra, and meant to be performed to larger audiences. 

I listened to Nicolo Paganini and the music sounded like what I would expect it to. There were moments of dramamtic playing and moments that were calm, thereby reflecting the change in emotions one feels. It also sounds like music that would be played back then, and not so much in the present. His music was mainly violin playing and would be seen as more popular back then than now.

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