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I picked the song “brown eyed girl” by Van Morrisson. I picked this song because my grandpa sings it to me and plays it on his guitar and because of that it has become one of my all time favorites. Van Morrison is one of the most legendary musicians in America. He started singing from a very young age and went on his first tour at 17. His top song is Brown eyed girl. This song is considered pop. It was number 10 on the Billboard hot 100. Brown Eyed girl spent a total of 16 weeks on the chart. My favorite line of the song is “you’re my brown eyed girl” because my brown eyes are the main reason my grandpa sings it to me. This line of the song is the melody. This is because it’s the part of the song that will get stuck in our heads and we can identify the song by this line. This is also a homophony. This is because there is one line accompanied by other cords. There is a guitar playing in the background along with other instruments, but just one line being sung by one person. The tempo of this song is 151. This means the speed in which the beat is played. The song is played in the key “G” and the dynamics is -10.1db. The dynamics of a song is how loud or soft something is or the volume of the pitch, so here the loudness is -10.1db. This three minute and three second song is a timeless classic and I am glad I got to learn more facts about the elements of the song. https://youtu.be/kqXSBe-qMGo

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December 2023

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