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The song I chose is a game boss battle theme from Genshin Impact’s La Signora Battle, which was composed by Yupeng Chen, a Chinese composer on the game team. Genshin’s music serves the story in the game, so listening to their music allows you to visualize the story in your head. The main character in this song I chose is called La Signora, she is a sad and pathetic character. The innocent girl lost her lover and turned into a crimson witch. She resorted to all means and joined the evil forces to achieve the goal. She was willing to burn her life to fight against the injustice of the world.

The song is divided into two phases. From 14 seconds, celesta joined in. The cold timbre of celesta made people feel cold, and the bass strings and bass drum formed a heartbeat sound, which made people feel uneasy and dangerous. More and more strings join in, and at 60 seconds, dynamics become louder and louder. Then the female chorus joins in to sing the melody, and the female chorus here gives me the feeling that she is telling her suffering. At 2:08 seconds, along with the harp, the male chorus joins in, as to sigh and feel sad about her suffering. Then they call and respond, making the emotion stronger, and finally, they seem to reach some kind of consensus. The music stops and phase one is over.

In 4 minutes, the second phase begins, which is very different from the first phase. Compared with the cello sound in the first phase(at 0:02) , the rhythm of the music is much faster, and the string instrument was replaced by the electric guitar. At 3:36 seconds, the female voice joined again, this time no longer feeling sad, replacing sadness with anger. At 3:57 seconds, drum and bass, strings, and male chorus joined in. The crazy strings made me hear her anger. At 4:30, the electric guitar replaced the crazy strings again, bringing the emotions to the highest level. After the guitar is over, the female voice appears as an operatic solo with the flowing sound of the harp. It is as if she suddenly recalls the good times she had with her lover. Then the drums and the male voice come back and bring her back to reality. Finally, she stands in the fire singing her sorrow, flaming herself up, sacred and solemn.

This song mixes classical music with modern electronic music on the basis of opera. that is what I think is most interesting. Yupeng Chen combines these two elements so well that it sounds totally compatible. it was blew my mind when I heard this song for the first time while playing the game.

Here is the link: https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VnMOQ2j2l4

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