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“Centuries” by Fall out Boy. Fall Out Boy represents various genres, including Alternative Rock, Pop, emo pop, and pop rock. I like the message of the song but also the intense moments this song has. I liked this song because it begins with a soft melody for a few seconds and then immediately gets more intense by introducing more instruments. Then near the end of the song before the last chorus, the same soft melody played in the beginning, is played again. I found this very interesting because it reminds you how the song began. Lastly, throughout the whole song the same piano repetition/melodic line is played in the back, which is homophony. Chords also accompany it in order to create the song. https://youtu.be/vR18NP-acL4

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  1. I have also listen to this song but not fully through only a good first chunk of it. However after listening to the whole song I can agree it does start off with a steady melody with just the one voice and melodic lines coming from the piano but it starts to get more intense as it picks up more with the guitar, the drums sound like they keep a rhythmic pattern throughout the song.
    When it comes to the BPM of “Centuries” by Fall out Boy it would be 176BPM. I agree with you when it comes to liking the intense moments the song has because when it starts off a little slow but then picks ups just as quickly it feels like the songs tempo has a powerful mood to it till the end of the son.

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