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Ellie Cerullo

A Piece of Music technology I find fascinating is a record player. It was first invented in 1877 and still used today! A record player reproduces sound from records. On the vinyl record, music is recorded with kinetic energy, and it is still better than any kind of digital recording. Once you have the record of your choice, you place it on the track. You then place the stylus on the record. A stylus creates sound waves from physical etchings, engravings or impressions on the record. While the record spins on the track, the stylus moves from the outer rim to the center of the record, playing the song all the way through. There are also speakers connected to the record player that project and amplify the song. Some people or places may use a classic record player for show, since they are aesthetic and could have a very charming appearance. In fact, I find my record player very pleasant to look at. It was given to me by my grandpa, who loves music and I play my favorite band the Beatles on it. I love hearing the crackles before the song starts on my record player. It adds a vintage effect to my old music, and I love it. Speaking of the Beatles, the record player played a huge role in their career. They first made their fortunes after they had their number one record in 1963. Throughout the years they used many different brands of record players and always advanced to the next best one. Fans would buy their records and play them via the record player. As you can see, the record player helped evolve the art of producing and listening to music for years. 


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