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A piece of music technology I choose would be iPod, because it’s a trend in the 2000s that many people used to listen to music. The iPod is incredibly light and small at 3.1 ounces, with it being thin we can put in in our pocket to carry it alone so easily. It can do what an iPhone can do but it’s so much easier to carry with and to listen to music.

It’s not just being used for listening to music, it’s small enough for children with small hands to play simple games on it. And it can be use to read books. Also it got an 8 Mp camera for children to take pictures and videos. Some people like to use the iPods since it’s designed for mostly for listening to music. They don’t have to worry of receiving phone calls and being interrupted. I never experienced with iPod because I prefer to use iPhone. However there are others like to use iPod more than iPhone.

sorry, I don’t think I can find a piece of music with the music technology I choose.

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