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A musical instrument, such as the guitar, is a piece of music technology. According to reading packet #3, in Western art music, instruments are categorized into families based on their way of generating sounds, such as strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion (3-4). Instruments can be used in different aspects of life such as for entertainment, work, and even medicine. In able to achieve a specific purpose, instruments are used or played in a certain way by people to get the outcome they desire. For example, different instruments can be layered upon each other to create harmony and texture. Instruments may have been initially designed for the purpose of entertainment, but as time went by, the purpose of instruments also branched out. An example is the guitar, where some people play it for fun, while others who are musical artists play it for a living. Instruments including the guitar can also be used to help and aid people with depression or anxiety, as learning how to play an instrument is a coping mechanism for some. Personally, I’ve had some experience with musical instruments growing up, where I learned how to play the violin in elementary school, and the clarinet in middle school.

Almost all songs include the use of instruments, and the piece of music I chose is a Chinese song called “给你给我“ (Gei Ni Gei Wo) by Mao Buyi. In the song, you can hear the use of a guitar, violin, piano and percussion. The instruments were layered upon each other and they harmonized with the singing of the artist’s voice. This influences the song itself because it helps set the beat and the mood, and connect the music. Below is the link to the song on Spotify.

Spotify: 给你给我 By Mao Buyi

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  1. Hi Joanne I agree with the information you provided about instruments. How Instruments can be used for different purposes depending on the circumstances like the ones you listed entertainment, work, medicine and even various rituals. Instruments have evolved where now they are not only used for one purpose only but many. I have grew up around many individual playing the guitar and I was able to see how they all have a different motivation for the reasons they play.

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