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TikTok. No, not the sound of a clock. Nope, not the sound of your watch either. TikTok! The super popular social media and funny video app! If you haven’t heard of this app then you must be living under a rock. It is the #1 entertainment app out on the Appstore today! With over one billion users. Yes, one billion. TikTok originally was called “Musical.ly” and was more focused on creators (users) making videos that had music in the background which they would either dance to or lip sync to. Now, the new updated version of Musical.ly (TikTok) is more oriented towards anything mainly being funny videos. But there is one feature that everyone knows about yet it isn’t widely known for it. Its music streaming! Well, sorta. TikTok is able to play a brief portion of any song in a creator’s video. This feature on top of videos going viral for silly reasons has completely changed the way people find music! When a video is going viral and others make videos with the same “Sound” (song) it kind of starts to get stuck in your head which then makes you or anyone else search it up to hear it again! I have had my fair share of earworms because of TikTok, but one song in particular really helped jumpstart my favorite artists career, Jack Harlow. His first big song “Whats Poppin” gained a massive amount of listeners not only because he is so catchy but because of TikTok. After her received a great amount of attention, he continued to make more music as well as his other songs gaining traction which eventually got him in the top charts of Hip Hop/Rap.  

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