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Something I would consider to be musical technology is a microphone . A microphone is ” an instrument that converts sound waves into electrical energy variations which may then be amplified, transmitted , or recorded”. It’s purpose is to amplify sound.To achieve its purpose it must go threw the process of electromagnetic induction , which is when the sound waves create electrical currents when attached to a speaker makes it louder and therefore you can now reach the ears of people all over a room , stadium etc. Even though the microphone is mostly used in music people are now using it for different things like creating content (Youtube , TikTok), Sports( spokesmen/woman), Ted Talks etc. I had my own personal experience with microphones because i used to participate in talent shows a lot for singing so using microphones is nothing new to me. The song I’m going to choose to prove my point is ” God is a Women” by Ariana Grande (the live version) after watching the video you can see how the microphone help her during her performance . Having the microphone allowed her to be heard all thorough the stadium clearly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKm4YqadSGw

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