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For my piece of music technology, I chose the Midi Fighter! According to the official Midi Fighter website, it is a “high performance line of controllers designed for serious DJs and musicians that need reliable instruments on stage and studio.” Hooking up the controller to the DJ’s laptop allows the buttons to be assigned a sound from the accompanying sound/drum kit. As far as I’m aware, there isn’t anyone out there that doesn’t already use it for its intended purpose, and I haven’t ever owned a Midi Fighter so I don’t have any experience with it.

The first name that naturally (almost instinctively) comes to mind when talking about the Midi Fighter is Shawn Wasabi, who is also featured prominently on the official website advertising the 64 version. He famously uses the Midi Fighter in his music videos, often only showcasing the controller and his hands as he creates the music on the spot. He has hooked up the buttons to be miscellaneous sounds, some which may be popular and easily-recognizable, to be remixed into the underlying track. Sometimes he has singers featured in the songs, like in his song “Otter Pop,” featuring Hollis. More often than not, Shawn’s music sounds electronic, which makes sense given the medium he’s working with. One of his songs that you may be familiar with is “i dip,” which has been used in a lot of Glade candle commercials recently!

(I’ve taken this video off of his “MIDI FIGHTER” playlist on Youtube which includes more originals and remixes like “Mac n’ Cheese” which I have to personally say is the most impressive one on the channel!)

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