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A piece of music technology specifically a streaming platform that I had chose was YouTube. The purpose of this streaming platform was to be able to share various types of videos, and be able to do all of the following in one place. For instance, many individuals are able to view, like, share, comment, stream, post stories and download these videos on all different devices. It works to achieve this purpose because it is an app everyone has access to use. With this app they are able to watch countless of different videos on whatever they please which includes songs and music videos. I do not think there are any people that uses this technology in a way that it was not designed for. However, in the past you were only able to upload videos and different clips now Yutube has added many new features that everyone can try. I do have experience with this technology I used to use it almost everyday but now I use it everyonce in a while. With this technology you are a to see a variety of different songs  but a piece of music that I chose was “Dependent” by Keenan Te. This song was released and soon made its way to Youtube within this song it is accompanied by one voice which is in the range of alto and a piano. This song timbre could be described as smooth, and sad like. This technology influence the music it helped to  produce because it was able to be listen to by millions of people.


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June 2024

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