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A loop pedal is a tool that records a section of music and then plays it back on a loop. Most loop pedals allow a person to play more sections over the first one. And can even change the tempo as well as the direction of the playback loop, so you could play it in reverse, or what section is playing at the moment. This allows anyone to create different harmonic sounds and rhythms easily. The pedal can be used for any instrument as long as it can record the sound. Although if someone wanted to use a loop, they don’t necessarily need to use a physical pedal. Because technology is advancing, there are software’s a person can download to use this same effect from their computer or phone. I believe one of the most commonly used programs to use this would be GarageBand. Since it is already pre downloaded onto many Apple products, it is easily accessible to everyone. With garage band anyone could record anything and remix it, loop it, or add many effects to a sound. Many people can be seen using one on TikTok to cover a song or promote their own, as it became a trend for a little to try and cover a song with only a loop pedal. And I haven’t seen anyone use it in another way other than what it was meant to be used for. Personally I haven’t used a loop pedal but I have tried to use the one in the Garage band application on my computer and it worked pretty well.  

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