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A piece of music technology I have chosen is the drums. Drums are a type of membranophone, a category of instruments where sound is produced by a stretched membrane. The drums’ purpose is to keep the appropriate beat for the song or piece of music it is being played in. To do that a drummer, or percussionist, must hit the drumhead at the correct time in the song to create the beat or melody of the song. Other ways percussionists use the drums are by hitting the rim of the drum, hitting both the rim and the drumhead at the same time, or using a different item other than a drumstick to hit the drum like a brush. All these methods can create different sounds on the drum. But some people have not always used drums to keep a song in time, but instead used it to walk or march in time to the beat of the drum. I have played the drums for a little over 9 years now, giving me extensive experience with this technology which I enjoy using very much. An example of a piece of music using this technology is Van Hale’s “Hot for Teacher.” The song immediately starts with only the drums setting a fast pace for the music and an overall tone making the song energetic and fun to listen to.

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