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koffee ye performance.
https://youtu.be/vPtAjfyXvEo. burna boy yeye.

on today blog, I will be choosing Ye by burnt boy, and then later on performed by Koffee on 1xbet. burns boy is a Nigerian artist known very we’ll on the international soil all around the globe. he has been releasing hit, but his popularity grew more the he wan a grammy. on the other hand, Koffee is a Jamaica artist who is also well known of the international level of music. she a young girl and a fan of burnt boy and his importation of different dialect of English into his music.

the song “ye” by burns boy can be classify as a social song that talks about the negative part of people around the world specifically in Nigeria have to face. the inspiration of this song was about internet criticism, political suffering, bad government, high rate poverty in Nigeria which is the place burns boy was born as he was born into not too much successful family himself.

altho the lyrics for both performance are exactly the same, but still somethings change in the audio. burna boy uses a baritone to create his original ye piece, while Koffee uses mezzo-soprano in her performance. there are also use of jazz set in koffee version of ye while burna boy only make use of electronic instruments. the setting of Koffee being a live performance change the mood of the song because the instrument create a rocky mood where people just want to show their energy. Overall, the Tiempo of the live performance is faster than the original “ye” song by Burns Boy

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