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Kuku blog 8

the question “what is a good music” keeps popping up. for me, never ever should music generally be categorized good or bad. as a matter of fact, there are different type of music. some music are for fun, while some are to send a message.

I will be discussing about this music titled Mariamo. the music is used to send a message and to appreciate the creator grandmother. the history and content of the music includes the artist Qdot speaking about his grandmother raising him in poverty until the day she died. I perticulaly love this type of music that connect send a message of appreciation to people. the music lyrics is in Yoruba so therefore some native Yoruba instruments was used. I can hear shaker, bata, piano. all the instruments was recorded into electronic beat then added to lyrics Socrates the music outcome.

the music piece connect to instruments and music technology. the instruments used are not too popular. the use of bat, shekere, gangan are interesting instruments that that the west aren’t familiar with. this instrument will teach other instruments other than the ones the western people use.

Ibrahim Kuku. blog 7

I will be discussing about Islam. islam is a religion that gives freedom to his/her believer, and yet it comes with little restriction. many people who aren’t familiar with the religion thinks that its a religion that restrict every aspect of life, many even thinks that music aren’t really legal in Islam, but that is a total false statement. muslims uses music in many different occasions. they use it to worship Allah, and use it to have fun in a ceremony. obviously, not every music used in ceremonies will be allowed in a worship place because people takes worshipping place serious more than ceremonies where they are to have fun.

the call to prayer.

the most popular musical part of Islam is the “Adhan” meaning call to prayer. this is really not a music but is is not recited in a regular speaking way either. the Adhan uses vocals to calls the attention of people to get the to have a sense of time, and when the next prayer is due. the Adhan is a type of memorizing musical form. people memorize the lyrics, and it has been passed down from generation to generation for over thousand year. one of the important part of the Adhan is that there is no musical instruments attached whatsoever. just the vocal and the changes in vocal pitches to convey feelings. in the modern days, people have started to use microphone, megaphone, and other voice increasing instruments to further cover lots of ground that people will hear from. this is simply because the society today is too big that people voice could bearly cover more than 2 houses. and it is noted in the Islamic history that the first man to call the Adhan was Bilal(a freed slave)

Ibrahim Kuku. Extra credit blog

Osun theme from Beyonce hold up

Osun is a Yoruba deity. she was one of the wives of the god of thunder (Sango). Her original name is oya, but she turned into water in an area called Osun, so I guess her name is also Osun because the river is called Osun river. Oshun is known for her showing of love, beauty, fertility, water, purity and many more. depict being a deity, she is also known for human attributes like jealousy, vanity, spite and more. She is depicted as the protector and the nurture of human beings. she is known to give live and also to take it when being angered through bringing forth flood, destroying livelihood etc.

how to teach the relationship between Hold up by Beyonce and Osun

This Youtube video is the music-video I would play. after explaining my content of Osun to the class, then I will continue be pointing out the imported theme of Osun in this video. these themes includes and not limited to yellow cloth, river, flood, destruction of property, beauty, anger etc. after my lesson, I will then ask the class what other theme of Osun in the video have I not included, If any, and explain the relationship.

Ibrahim Kuku blog 6

recently, I went to Davido concert. Davido is an African music artist who genre in afropop, pop, and acrobat. the concert venue was prospect park in Brooklyn, and it was an outdoor concert with a temporary stage develop just for the artist to perform and entertain the present audience. I decided to attend this concert because my high school year was coming to an end, and I need some fun outing before starting college. and also my brother paid for the tickets which gave me access to the concert.

the concert was very fun in many ways. first the concert include a system of call and response where Davido and his group shut down the mic and other instruments while the audience complete the lyrics to the song. on other ways too, Davido was showing different movements. he doesn’t just stand still and perform. he was jumping, switch between walking and jogging, and dancing. I was suprise that he also uses other instrument that wasn’t included in the songs he sang. also he brought up other artist too.

comparing Davido concert to jimi hendrix concert, the two concert was outdoor, but Jimi concert has more people and looks more coathic than Davido concert.

blog 5 Ibrahim Kuku

summary and opinion.

in the first article,100 years ago today, ‘The Rite of Spring’ incited a riot in a Paris theater”, The Paris premiere of Igor Stravinsky’s 1913 ballet The Rite of Spring was proven to be violence at the end of the show. the performance was regarded as a seminal work of modernism, which means that it ignore the rules of harmony, and comfort. the article made claim that people storm the staged, and after the performance was allowed to finished to the end. this article proved that there was a riot at the event.

in the second article “Did Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring incite a riot at its premiere?” The Paris premiere of Igor Stravinsky’s 1913 ballet The Rite of Spring was not proven to be riot at the end of the show depict the performance been seen to be harsh and unlike anything the audience was expecting. the article said “the costumes were ugly, the choreography heavy, and the music harsh”.while some booed the performance, some people defend the artistic integrity of the ballet without insult. the article claim the two opposing sides had result in the riot. but untruth, the article proved that the riot is a myth because none of the riot actually take place. the article claim that the myth of riot persist because of huge game of telephone that was passed down decades to decades.

to me, this ballet was too extremely scary. according to the guidelines of ballet at the time period, I won’t be happy if someone came to perform halloween-looking ballet. depict my ego being unconfortable, I would still try to enjoy the show without provoking any form of violence.

Blog 4 Ibrahim Kuku

koffee ye performance.
https://youtu.be/vPtAjfyXvEo. burna boy yeye.

on today blog, I will be choosing Ye by burnt boy, and then later on performed by Koffee on 1xbet. burns boy is a Nigerian artist known very we’ll on the international soil all around the globe. he has been releasing hit, but his popularity grew more the he wan a grammy. on the other hand, Koffee is a Jamaica artist who is also well known of the international level of music. she a young girl and a fan of burnt boy and his importation of different dialect of English into his music.

the song “ye” by burns boy can be classify as a social song that talks about the negative part of people around the world specifically in Nigeria have to face. the inspiration of this song was about internet criticism, political suffering, bad government, high rate poverty in Nigeria which is the place burns boy was born as he was born into not too much successful family himself.

altho the lyrics for both performance are exactly the same, but still somethings change in the audio. burna boy uses a baritone to create his original ye piece, while Koffee uses mezzo-soprano in her performance. there are also use of jazz set in koffee version of ye while burna boy only make use of electronic instruments. the setting of Koffee being a live performance change the mood of the song because the instrument create a rocky mood where people just want to show their energy. Overall, the Tiempo of the live performance is faster than the original “ye” song by Burns Boy

blog 3 Kuku

the musical instrument I will be talking about is pen and paper. many people may think that this two object are not related to technology because they was born into a world that already discovered pen and paper. but never forget that without this instrument, music can never be passed down through writing, reading, and even symbols. it can only be passed down through memorization. the purpose of paper and pen is to be about to access music any year from the seconds it was written, by anyone who is interested in the musical piece. while talking about pen and paper, I am not just talking about the actual pen and paper but I am also including both the olden version and the modern version of pen and paper. the olden version may be ink and animal skin, while the modern version may be keyboard and digital screen. all of this are used to recording music so that the reader can digest the writer tone, lyrics, and many more.

an example of modern pen and paper will be https://youtu.be/Q6DlcfacMos

the music technology I have chosen have helped the reader learn precisely what the music composer was speaking about. this is very helpful because music now a days includes a lots of vocals, unlike music in the olden days which mostly include instrument and less vocal.

Blog 2 Kuku

the song I choose is titled Last Last by burnt boy. the artist was once a grammy winner whose genre is Afro-beat. some people argue that his genre is not afro-beat, while others claim the mixture of R&B, reggae, Afro-beat and more. burns boy mixes his lyrics with mostly Yoruba, English, and other dialect of English. his songs also include street slang. my relation to this is the content and the message of the song. this content include hearth- break, and personal life. this song was global summer national anthem.I think everyone vibe to the song because of the melody tone burns boy utilizes. the melody sound wave is too easy to remember that both people who understand the lyrics, and of those who can’t translate the lyrics was able to hum to the beat. I also notice that the Dynamics was stable and a high deep beat after every four head nod. the texture of the song was crescendo at some point while it changes to decrescendo at other point of the song. the texture was changing at different section of the song.

Blog 1 Kuku

During the Baroque time period in Europe, the most interesting information I learned was how much painful, and terrible stuff that happens almost every day of the timeline result to the creation of something soo creative and beautiful. during the baroque era, the daily lives of the people are not as easy as it is today in the present century. at that time, the government was totally monarchs and not democratic which led to the wars and tragic because people are fighting to rise to power either by physical wars, or by playing harsh politics. the text described music from the Baroque period as strongly contrasting effects, dramatic intensity etc. this makes sense because we can draw a conclusion that the people needs a way of voicing their dramatic experience because of the terrible events, therefore, their sense of music, art, and literature improved to open way of telling tales with anger, love, joy, and grief.

I choose George Frederic Handel and listened to some of his songs like water fall, and the arrival of the Queen of Sheba. the art piece sounds similar to what I was expecting —lots of musical instrument being played with out voice. but to the honest, I wasn’t expecting high beat sounds. I was expecting relaxation or long pause in the music to show sadness or to change to mood of the listener. another confession of mine is that I can’t seems to connect to this music. I can’t understand if its full of sadness, happiness, anger, or grief. they all just sound like a celebration music to me.because of the history of the era, I was just expecting music filled with anger, saddness, and grief.

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