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A religion that I chose to focus on is Roman Catholicism which is another branch connected to Christianity. Within this religion, music is widely used and praised in all Catholic churches. Some ways in which music is used within this religious practice is during mass when praying to God as well as in different important events. In the article “Catholics and Cultures” goes on to state, “Funerals and weddings almost always include it, in styles particular to each occasion”. While looking at religion many individuals are also prompted into singing within the choir, therefore, learning many of the hymns sung. A piece of music associated with this religion that isn’t featured in the assigned reading would be “Christ Be Our Light by Bernadette Farrell”. This song this piece of music describes as well as expresses religious beliefs and/or serves a religious purpose. This is because it goes on to depict how there are followers within a dark place that are asking christ to take them out of their despair and darkness, to shine a light on them, in their hearts, and within the church. The music that is being heard in this video would be considered homophony due to the one melodic line being accompanied by chords. The timbre is very soothing as the guitar as well as the voice that is singing the song is not high pitch but is being played at a medium-low pitch. As for the rhythm, it has a medium beat when being played not to face but not very slow as well. 


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