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Buddhism was “originated 2,500 years ago in india”(National Geographic). Buddhism is practice to relieve ones suffering, through “meditation, spiritual and physical labor” in order to obtain “enlightenment, or nirvana.” In Buddhism music it requires chanting is some way, it also requires of dancing, and some instruments. Chanting is part of the most regional Buddhism.

A song related to Buddhism is a song called, ”Buddham Saranam Gachchami” meaning “I go to the Buddha for refuge”(Meditative Mind). This song is used mostly for meditation while trying to connect with divine forces. it’s also used to clear the mind as a ”freedom of suffering”. In the song we hear three sentences, ”Buddham Saranam Gachchami”, “Dhamman Saranam Gachchami“, and “Sangham Saranam Gachchami“ meaning “I go to the Buddha for refuge”, ”I go to the Dhamman for refuge” and ”I go to the Sangham for refuge”. This song or this chant helps to surrender and bring you peace. This chant is syllabic in other words it only has one or two pitches per syllable.

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