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When it comes to the presentation of Music and Grieving. The connection between the topic and the two music entries is discussed in the presentation because she goes on to mention how “Grieving is a process that people all over the world experience but it is a different experience for everyone”. The songs chosen have been used in many funerals as well as used to remember those who lost their lives. It is also related because in this context music is used in different occasions, specifically funerals, and how the different songs take on the different stages of one’s grief process. For instance, in reference to the lyrics, “Ave Maria ” which was originally played in Catholic churches although it wasn’t intended to be used for prayer at first. Within the song a musically interesting moment is when you are able to hear both “complex cords’ ‘ and “Written in B Major”. Additionally, the next song “I’ll See You Again” by Westlife which is known to be under the soul and R&B genre goes on to encourage individuals to feel a sense of hope through the song. Musical characteristics include “High range in pitches toward middle and end of song” as well as 136 BPM for the tempo”. 

If I had chosen this topic as my own the two songs I would use would be “See You Again” and “Gone to Soon”. In the song  “See You Again” by rapper Wiz Khalifa and American Singer Charlie Puth. This song was created in memory of Paul Walker who had died in a car accident back in November of 2016. Although when taking a deeper look Charlie Puth’s song had inspiration from his own personal life when he lost his close friend in a motorcycling accident which helped fuel the making of this song. Though this song went on to help millions of individuals to mourn. A musically interesting moment would be at 0:54 to 1:14. During this part it changes from singing to Wiz Khalifa somewhat talking right into his rap. Here is where the tempo gets faster compared to the regular singing part since it is at a slower pace. This song connects to the topic because it goes on to remember a fellow friend who had lost his life. In the song, we are able to see how they talk about the day they will be able to see him again as well as reminisce about all the good memories they had. As for the other song, “Gone to Soon” by Michael Jackson. This song connects to the topic because the singer wrote it in memory of his late friend, Ryan White who died of AIDS at only 18 years old. The lyrics help paint a picture of what it’s like to lose someone so close to you, as he uses similes of natural pairs that are missing its other half. A musically interesting moment would be from 2:24 to 2:53. This is because during this part the tempo begins to pick up compared to the beginning and middle of the song where he is singing at a slow pace. You are able to hear the crescendo of the instruments along with the increasing passion in Jackson’s voice as he extends his ability to hit more extreme notes. However, the best part is when things settle down again at the end of the line, and his voice cracks as a result of his emotional pain. Overall, this relates back to the topic of grief because he is remembering the young kid who has passed on. 

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