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The connection between Music and Police Brutality was actually very interesting. Specifically our generation has been very vocal about our support in raising awareness for certain topics that has not had a lot of light shed on it but seeing all the different songs being chose really was eye opening. The lyrics itself were very straight to the point. Both songs overall had the message of civilians, specifically certain individuals have to struggle from violence and the purpose of the songs was to raise awareness on this topic so that civilians do not have to get hurt. One specific thing I was actually shocked at is when it was revealed that cops will hit anyone just to keep their job in KRS-One’s “Sound of Da Police”. In terms of Social context, it was also interesting to see that both songs were released in 1993-1994, very close in years. This could possibly because of the rise in police brutality and the need that artists felt to raise awareness

I would choose to write about Chains by Usher. Usher wrote this song

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