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A Piece of music that I am familiar with and find good is the song “buffalo soldier” by bob marley. I grew up listening to Bob Marley on the beach with my family. I live on long island by the water, so all my summers were spent by the ocean, on my grandparents boat, or in fire island with all my cousins. The go to genre of music my mom and aunts would put on was always reggae. It’s the perfect music to listen to in the sun on a beach day. Reggae originated in a small Caribbean island in Jamaica hence the tropical feel of the music. By the 1970’s it became popular around the globe.  In the song Buffalo soldier, the term “Buffalo Soldier” was used to describe a group of black American soldiers who were used to fight Native Americans during the border wars. In other words, they were slaves, that is, “stolen from Africa,” as Bob himself put it.” The song has a laid back tempo as most reggae songs do, and a syncopated bass line. 

The unit this song would fit into is Unit twelve “Music and political expression”. In this unit we learned how reggae is connected to politics. Another one of Bob Marley’s songs was used as an example in this unit, so this song would fit perfectly in the unit. A concept this song would teach is one we already learned about. That would be that reggae was used to stand up for beliefs and fight for your rights as learned in this unit by the song “get up stand up”. 

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