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The piece of music technology that I chose to write about today is autotuning. Auto-Tune is an electronic device used by people who create music to alter the pitch or voices in songs. The purpose of this music technology is to change the sound. Producers can create different pieces with the same beat by adjusting the pitches with autotune. Anyone interested in doing this can easily download a system on their commuter that allows them to alter pitches, bass, and tempos. Anyone can get a hold of autotune software and try it out themselves. This music technology can be compared to photoshop. People can easily autotune their own voice to sound “better”. Many artists today get caught using autotune in all their songs. But there are some artists that use autotune to change their voice in a creative way. Some use autotune to change their voice while they sing a staple lyric in the chorus, at the start of the song with the purpose of being a good hook, or even as background music to give the song dynamics. I personally don’t have any experience with this technology but one of the artists I listen to uses autotune in a lot of his songs, it’s like his thing. Travis Scott uses autotune to make his voice sound faint and “far away” so there’s a change in dynamics when he actually starts rapping/singing the first verse or the actual chores.

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