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A piece of music technology that is really popular today is Apple Music. “Apple music launched in 2015,”(What is Apple Music and how does it work?) Apple Music was design as a stream platform “including offline listening” Apple Music let’s you stream when you don’t have internet and that something I really like about it. In order for Apple Music to work offline some songs have to be downloaded or with an option that can make them available offline. there aren’t people that use Apple Music in a way that wasn’t designed for because I think Apple Music is really easy to use for people who are familiarized with the app. I do have experience with this technology I almost use it everyday to listen music that I like.

A pice of music that I choose is “Elsewhere” by EDEN I think this technology helps influence the artist more than the song, because Apple Music is just a streaming app in which I don’t think it affects the song at all. But since Apple Music it’s different from other streaming platforms the song can have some parts cutoff than from the original video. However it affects the artist by gaining more streams and more fans in some way.



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