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The way I see it, “good” music is anything that creates a connection to the listener’s emotions. The piece of “good” music that I choose to talk about today isĀ “All Too Well” by Taylor Swift. This song was originally written and released in 2012 as a 5-minute song. But this year Taylor Swift rerecorded the song as a 10-minute version. The purpose of this music is to connect to the listener’s emotions of going through a breakup by Swift sharing her detailed personal experiences. The original song had such a significant impact on her fans that they requested Swift to release the 10-minute version she’s been keeping in the vault for 10 years. This piece of music has the expectation to tell a story in detail, and that’s why the music video for the 10-minute version has won a handful of awards already due to meeting those expectations. This song is “good” because of how personal it is. Swift talks about her own personal experiences about her breakup with Jake Gyllenhaal, while making the poem she also made it original. Her poetic lyrics and ensuring everything ties in together make her a skillful composer and all of her lyrics have a big impact on her fanbase and new artists today who write personal songs like her. This song would fit best under Unit 2: What is Music? and the unit we are in right now Unit: 13 What is Good Music? This song would help people understand how to judge good music since it targets all 5 questions a person asks when grading what a good song is like. This would also help a student understand how to categorize music in Unit 2.

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