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The song I’m using is Tim Hughes’s ” Here I am To Worship” . Tim Hughes had written this gospel ballad after he read the book of Philippians 2. He wrote the song quickly and added the melody using his guitar. However, Hughes didn’t end it there, he continued to rewrite the chorus until  he was satisfied with the final product. His song had been covered by many artists in the Christian community. Hughes also was inspired by a Stephen King movie called substitution where the character takes on a punishment that wasn’t meant to be his.  This song would fit into the Music and Religion category since this was a song meant to be sung for Christian people. The song is meant to be sung a little slower with a 75 bpm and in a E major key. In most churches, the congregation sings along with the worship songs so it can be considered a congregational song. It fits in as we were discussing christian worship and this song has been sung it almost every church. It encourages a lot of syllabic and homorythmic singing. The song also follows a verse-chorus form just like many other christian songs.  

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