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I am part of the Roman Catholic Church, and music has been a part of my religion since medieval times. Gregorian chant was what was heard in medieval Catholic churches and was the first music to be written down using an early form of staff notation, which modern musical notation is descended from (Unit 11 Reading Packet pgs. 11-12). This monophonic music was used as a way to pray to and worship God. Nowadays the Catholic Church uses psalms and hymns as a way to worship God and the Saints with music. Other ways that music is used in the Catholic Church is by expressing someone strong belief and trust in the faith. Certain music is also used for certain occasions such as a wedding or a funeral that ties into God as well. A piece of music associated with the Catholic Church is the song “One Bread One Body.” This hymn is sung throughout the portion of church where communion is given to the congregation. The hymn uses a syllabic text setting sung by a choir and the congregation. It is common to hear an organ, or a piano being played throughout the hymn. The hymn is meant to express how we are all one in the same with our Lord and how we should be brought together because of Him.

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