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One song that can be compared is ”You Don’t Own Me” this song falls in the R&B/Soul category. This song was written by John Medora and David White. It was first interpreted by Lesley Gore later on Saygrace recorded a more advanced version of the song. Lesley’s gore version was released in 1963, while Saygrace version that feats G-Eazy was released Jun 1, 2015. These two versions have the same tittle but each singer interprets the song in a different way. Lesley’s version doesn’t feat anyone while Saygrace version feats G-Eazy a rapper. The emotions that are being discussed in the song is on how women are not own by anyone and how women don’t want to be controlled by anyone because they like to be free and be themselves.

The rhythm of the song is different as well as the form. In the version by Lesley gore is more delicate and a little bit slow when she sings, while in the other version by Saygrace is more loud. For example in minute 2 with 42 seconds she kinda shows off her voice by hitting these high notes and she makes a difference from the original song. When it’s going to the chorus the beat drops and she sings louder that the verses, and it also has G-Eazy rap which makes the song more striking. The lyrics of both songs are the same however in Saygrace’s song G-Eazy’s rap is added. Another difference is on how the song is recorded, the oldest version is more delicate with instruments in the background while the newest version has more beats. I can say that the newest version can make someone feel empower by all the beats that it has and by how the music was composed.

SAYGRACE- “You Don’t Own Me” ft G-Eazy

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