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One of the presentations that I found interesting was Music & Mental health, since there is a lot of people who struggle with it in todays society. It relates to music because it spreads a message to people who suffer from mental health in order for them to seek help. Depression has also been higher in recent years which cause people to have higher risk of mental health.

If my topic would have been Music and metal health I think the song I would choose are, Breathin by Ariana Grande, René by Residente this song is composed by a Puerto Rican rapper in which he talks about dark moments and depression that he went trough, and one song that I wouldn’t change is 1-800-273-8255 by Logic. I would connect these pieces by talking how they relate to my topic, and how they each have a different way to make the song. And also how each artist expresses mental health in their own way.


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