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My presentation I chose is Music & Friendship by Joanne.Friendship refers to a long-term relationship between two people with trust, respect, and mutual understanding. Music is a kind of thing that can resonate with people. When two people who don’t know each other listen to the same singer’s song, then bonds can form. For me, a strong friendship is hard to produce, so I will cherish every friend I make.

Joanne talks about two songs, the first song is “For Youth” from Bts. Although I am not familiar with BTS, my high school friend likes BTS very much, she always talks about them with me. The song was written by BTS to thank the fans for their continuous support, which shows the friendship between the fans and BTS. While listening to the song (3:27), the fans can be heard singing along. I love it when one of them is singing and the others are singing in synch.

The second is “If You Suddenly Think of Me” by ChiliChill, a fan-written song released during the second-anniversary celebration of Genshin Impact. Coincidentally, I also play Genshin ^^, and I love this song. The song is about the friendship between the archons and the player because, during the story of the game, the player develops a strong friendship with the archons from four different countries. The interesting thing is that the song was sung by the archons’ voice actors in the game. The song is warm and catchy, with the guitar showing the melody at the beginning and the whistle added to make the song more interesting.

Friendship wasn’t the theme I chose, (I felt great joy while writing this blog, happy and warm music always makes people feel better :D) but my playlist is full of these kinds of songs. I chose two songs to relate to this theme.

1.Let the wind tell you(让风告诉你)by ChiliChill.

You may be familiar with the author because the song is also related to Genshin Impact. It’s from GenshinImpact’s first-anniversary celebration. The song shows the friendship between the player and companions who meet as they travel in the Genshin World. It’s a lovely song, with a bell sound at the beginning, accompanied by strings, which slowly get louder, and a short pause followed by a rhythmic drum beat. I enjoyed the climax at 2:57 when the chorus of “LaLaLa” made me feel warm.

2.キズナ(entanglement)by ANCHOR.

The song expresses the idea that friends can always be connected even if they are far away from each other. The video shows two girls doing the same thing in different places, with each other’s song playing in their headphones, before meeting as night falls. The song is also the theme song for the Japanese film sabakan, after two teenagers met by chance in the 80s and began their adventure to go see the dolphin. The two children in poverty, family discord, and even life-threatening influence, step by step become each other’s entanglement. By the end of the day, the dolphins are almost forgotten, but they have gained the most important friendship. At 3:43, you’ll hear some electric guitar sounds, with the drum beating and the singer singing, and the electric guitar will be louder at the end. The lyrics said that “As long as we are under the same sky, we will not be alone. Just like before, don’t give up. Let’s move forward step by step together.”. This song resonates with me. When I listen to it, it always reminds me of my friends on the other side of the earth.

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