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A song that I consider to be good music is “Open Arms” by Journey. This song is from Journey’s 1981 album called Escape. It is a “power ballad” and its lyrics convey the meaning of rekindling a relationship with someone that is starting to drift away. It has reached Billboard Hot 100 in the past and it is still a very recognizable song to this day. It has been described as one of the greatest love songs and VH1 said that this power ballad is the greatest of all time. There have been many covers of this song like one from Mariah Carey. In musical terms, “Open Arms” has a complex melody in comparison to other songs and was written in the D major key. It is under the genre of Pop/Rock. A unit that we have covered in class that this song can fit under could be Popular Music in the US. As I mentioned, this song is very well known and loved by many people to this day. It is one of Journey’s most famous songs. It would teach that all genres of music can be considered popular music. We saw how the Blues influenced Rock and Roll, so that could be worth mentioning too. Since it has been recognized by Billboard and VH1 as one of the most popular power ballads, that is why it can fall under the category of Popular Music in the US.

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