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Prompt for Blog 8

This week’s unit is centered on the question, “What is good music?” This blog offers you the opportunity to share a piece of music that you think is good and find a place for it within our course.

First, choose a piece of “good” music that you’re familiar with and that hasn’t been discussed in class or one of your past blogs. Tell us some of the social/cultural/historical background of this music and at least two musical characteristics (using the musical elements vocabulary) that make it special.

Then, look over the unit themes that we’ve covered this semester and pick a unit that could feature your piece of music as a listening example. How would it fit into the unit? What important concepts would it help teach? Connect your earlier discussion of the music to these points.

What Is Music; Elements of Sound and Music; Instruments and Music Technology; US Popular Music; Song; Sung and Danced Drama; Listening in Concert; Listening at Home and Court; Stories Without Words; Music and Spiritual Expression; Music and Political Expression

Unit Themes to Choose From

Due Sunday December 4 at 11:59pm.

Refer to the Posting Guidelines to make sure you get full points for this blog. For help with posting your blog, check out the How-To Guide. You can earn a point of extra credit by reading a classmate’s blog and posting a substantial comment before Sunday December 11.

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